Wednesday, June 1 Meet Information

Wednesday is our FIRST Home Meet. Several of you know the drill, but we also have many new families. Please read below, even if an oldie, so that your swimmer and spectators can we ready for Wednesday, June 1 against Heritage Oaks.

Meet Day: We will practice in the morning at your regularly scheduled time

Theme for the Meet: Hawaiian -Attire is not required, just a fun way to have team spirit

Meet arrival Time: 4:30 pm (use this time to get your heat sheet, mark up your arm-more info below, and be swim ready for warm-ups

Meet Warm-up Time: 5:00pm (all swimmers on the pool deck)

Marking up your swimmer: With a sharpie you will need to write on your swimmer’s arm or leg (E, H, L) picture attached. We also ask you write their name on their shoulder or swim cap. Make-up remover wipes will get off the sharpie at night- we do suggest covering leather seats on the way home- if something rubs off. But YouTube has lots of good removal tips too.

Parking: Please park in the lots around the pool and tennis courts. Street parking is permitted on one side only, please use ideal parking etiquette. Carpool is ideal.

Volunteers: Thank you for signing up. We will send you a separate email with more details, but please plan on attending the brief Volunteers meeting with the Swim Coordinators, at 5:30pm, at the pavilion by the slide. The Referee will also meet with Volunteers at about 5:45pm, please listen for announcements.

Weather: As with every Meet, we swim in the rain, however we will communicate any last minute updates about thunderstorm waiting periods via text(Swimtopia) if severe weather is a concern. If we have thunder and lightning, you will receive instructions, but please do not assume the Meet is postponed or cancelled. The Meet official and both teams will do everything possible to hold the Swim Meet. Please stay nearby in the grassy area (keep an umbrella handy!) or your cars, and we will provide frequent SwimTopia updates.

Seating for parents, spectators, and swimmers is the same as last year: outside of the pool deck, in the grassy areas. Standing Room only on the pool deck. Pool Deck Map attached.

Restrooms: You may use the restrooms near the tennis courts or the restrooms on the pool deck. Restrooms inside the upper level of the club house are strictly off limits to everyone except for concessions volunteers.

Meet will start promptly at 6pm. Once swimmers have completed all of their events, their attendance is no longer required at the meet, however it can be quite exciting to watch the last of the events, and hear the announcement with the final score : )

Additional Information About the Swim Meet:

Concessions: Located at the front entrance of the club house; cash (small bills preferred) or credit accepted. There will be Marcos pizza, Chick fil-A sandwiches, chips, candy and drinks, and VE team shirts $12 and swim caps for $7. Families are welcome to bring their own food and drinks as well. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the premises, both inside and outside the pool deck gate.

Bull Pen: Parents of 5-6 and 7-8 year olds must have their swimmers in the bull pen 10 events prior to their event. Parents of 9-10 year olds, please have your child report to the bullpen 5 events prior to their event.

What else to bring: Sharpie, goggles, swim caps(plain or VE logo only), chairs, sunscreen, bug repellant, extra towels, VE Teal Swim Team shirt, small games and snacks. With the cooler night temps, your swimmer might need warm clothing by the end of the evening.

Housekeeping: Everyone attending the meet should make every effort to keep the seating areas and the pool deck area tidy, and garbage disposed of appropriately in a timely manner. Clean up at the end goes very quickly when everyone pitches in.

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