Volunteers NEEDED!! The Sharks have a lot of lanes, we need help!

Dear Dolphins,

Please use this link to sign up for an open job shift for this week’s meet against the Smyrna Sharks. We are in critical need of a place judge and 4 additional timers (our team will have 4 lanes in this pool). These are meet critical positions and, if they are not filled, we are at risk of delaying or forfeiting the meet. We have also added a third volunteer slot to the 5-6 and 7-8 bullpens.

As a gentle reminder, each family is required to serve two shifts per swimmer. If you have one swimmer you are required to fulfill 2 shifts, if you have two swimmers you are required to fulfill 4 shifts, if you have three swimmers you are required to fulfill 6 shifts, etc. We have several families that have not signed up for their required number of shifts. However, we have several job openings in our remaining meets. Thank you for doing your part to make our meets run smoothly!

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