End of Season Party Details


In anticipation of potential thunderstorms and rain at the onset of the End of Season party tonight (yet not for the entire party), the final plan is as follows:

6pm - Please arrive at clubhouse. Check-in at either the PAID or UNPAID line. We will immediately serve and eat pizza!!!  The awards presentation will start shortly after 6pm. The coaches have some fun awards to give out….you won’t want to miss it!

At the conclusion of the awards presentation/when rain/thunder has ended, EVERYONE please go down to the pool to enjoy swimming and FUN with coaches, teammates and family members. Vinings Estates rental rules do not allow for wet swimmers inside the clubhouse. When we vacate the clubhouse, we will not be returning, so please take everything you brought with you. Only coordinators and tonight’s volunteers will be allowed in the clubhouse at that time.

Celebratory cake will be served pool side!!!

9pm - Pool closes and party ends.

We can’t wait to see everyone to celebrate a super fun swim season!!!!

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